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Frequently Asked Questions

How is this class different than others?

In a nutshell, our class is vastly different than other classes in terms of how we teach and our scope. We teach you both content and skills, integrating many different perspectives so you can get a better understanding of your choices and what would best meet your unique needs. How we teach is also different than the typical lecture/demo/discussion oriented classes. This is because research shows that we don’t learn well by simply assimilating data or information into our brains, talking about it and watching some demos. Specifically, when you take in a lot of information in a condensed period of time in this passive way, you are getting “over-instructed” and your brain is getting overloaded with information. This leads to two distinct but interrelated problems 1. The part of your brain that most effectively learns will predictably turn off when you’re inundated with all of this information. You may be getting bits and pieces of information and you may be entertained by the class, and enjoy it – but you’re less likely to recall that information when you actually need it 2. Rather than integrating what you’re learning into your experience and skillset, your brain is trying to assimilate “data” i.e. remember the info but this isn’t the same thing as learning.

We human learn best when we have a chance to learn skills as well as content, and have a chance to apply our knowledge in an active rather than passive learning format. While there will be some necessary lecture/demo/discussion time, the curriculum is structured around other more powerful ways of active learning. Our goal is to help you cultivate your Birth Sense – a lens through which you can better understand the essence of birth rather than getting mislead by common sense notions that don’t actually make sense when it comes to birth. As a result, each class is immersive and hands on – you will learn movement, breath awareness, coping skills, and many ways to use put the information you’re learning about to good use. We stand by our approach by guaranteeing that if you don’t retain key information, you’ll get your money back. Read more here.

Do you use PowerPoint?

We do use PowerPoint but not exclusively. Our instructional methods are varied and engaging – you’ll learn primarily through experiential, immersive techniques in which you will learn by doing as well as through minimal lecture, demo and discussions. We use PowerPoint and these engaging teaching modalities not only because they are more effective according to current research on teaching & learning, but also so we can teach to a range of learning styles and abilities in the classroom.

 If I take this class should I still take my hospital’s childbirth education class?

Research about childbirth education reveals that traditional hospital childbirth education classes socialize and familiarize you to hospital practices and the hospital environment. This can be helpful, but these classes are usually limited in what information they can share with you and are primarily lecture based classes. Many people take a hospital class along with Birth Sense so that they get the best of both – and we recommend that!

Should I take this course if I’m giving birth at home or at a birth center?

Yes. Our classes are comprehensive and holistic – we do not teach to one type of birthing experience. You’ll get a ton of resources, skills and content appropriate for birthing at home, at a birth center or at a hospital. In addition, we offer specialized classes if you’re planning on a natural childbirth at home or at a birth center as additional skill building and preparation.