Infant/Pediatric CPR & Safety

Would you know what to do if your child is having difficulty breathing or choking?

This class will prepare you to confidently and skillfully care for your children safely from infancy and beyond. You will learn CPR and what to do if your little one is choking, as well as how to respond effectively to common household emergencies such as trips, falls, bruising, poison control & minor bleeding. In addition, you will learn comprehensive guidelines for medical safety, sleep safety, food safety, water safety, car safety, sun safety & product safety. A special part of the class will be focused on keeping you and your infant safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. Emergency preparedness is more important now than ever!

This interactive class is intended for expectant parents or parents with infants and young children. The class is co-taught by experienced instructors: Shane, a First Aid CPR AED Instructor & Trainer and Nina, a Childbirth Educator, Doula & Birth Assistant. 

In advance of the course, you may purchase the Infant CPR Anytime Kit to practice on an inflatable baby manikin. This optional kit comes with other educational materials including a DVD.  It is not a requirement to purchase the kit to take the class. 



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