Local Referrals

OB/Gyn & Midwife Referrals


Brooklyn Birthing Center, Brooklyn

Jazz Birth Center, Manhattan

1060 OB/GYN (Lenox Hill)

Dr. Lorraine Chrisomalis-Valasiadis

Dr. Allegra Cummings (MSW)

Dr. Nabizadeh (MSW)

Dr. Shulina (MWS)

Dr. Kuhali Kundu (MSW)

Dr. Scheinfeld (NYU)

Dr. Bernadith Russell (LOMA)

North Central Midwives (North Central)

Metropolitan Hospital Midwives (Metropolitan)

Village OB (MSE)

Village Maternity Midwives (Metropolitan)

Downtown Women OB/GYN

New York Homebirth Midwives

Dahlia Midwifery

Small Things Grow Midwifery

Heart Science Midwifery

Cosmos Midwifery

Nia Memaniye Cinque, Midwife

Tania Zirulnik, Luna Homebirth Midwife

Dahlyt Berezin-Bahr, Midwife

Traditional Doula & Midwifery Arts

Gentle Heart Midwifery Care

Dr. Moritz, Ask Tia (only well-woman care)


Integrative Obstetrics

Holistic OB/GYN & Midwifery

Clifton OB/GYN

Artemis OB/GYN

Metro OB/GYN

Birth Center of NJ

One to One Female Care

Our Birthing Center

Saint Peters Birth Center

Childbirth & Women’s Wellness Center (Midwifery Practice)

Midwives of NJ, Multiple Locations

Morristown, NJ Medical Center (Atlantic Health Affiliated)

Any Atlantic Health Hospitals

Green Lily Midwifery, Val Patroni

Seventh Moon Homebirth

Sage Midwifery

Dina Aurichio, New Birth Experiences

Traditional Doula & Midwifery Arts

Baraka Birth

Rebekah Panagos, Midwife

Gentle Heart Midwifery Care

CT, LI & Westchester

Nur Midwifery, Westchester, NY

Small Things Grow Midwifery

Valeriana Pasqua-Masback, Homebirth Midwifery

Full Circle Women’s Health, Midwifery Group, Westchester, NY

Phelps Hospital, Westchester, NY

Dr. Jessica Illuzzi, OB/GYN, New Have & Westport, CT

Center for Women’s Health & Midwifery (CWHM), New Haven, CT

Yale Health Information about CWHM, Vidone Birth Center & Other Yale-Affiliated Options

Pelvic Rehabilitation


Dr. Nidhi Sharma, Pelvic Physical Therapist, FuncPhysio, NYC

Michele McGurk, Pelvic Physical Therapist, Danu PT, NYC

Dr. Ahmed or Dr. Shrikhande Pelvic Rehabilitation Medicine, NYC

Hsing-I Hsieh, Pelvic Physical Therapist


Dr. Howell Pelvic Rehabilitation Medicine, Englewood, NJ

Core Dynamics PT

Dr. Bhavti Soni PT

Four Corners Physical Therapy

Other Specialists in Pelvic Pain:

Dr. Andrew Goldstein, Center for Vulvovaginal Disorders (multiple locations & virtual)


Body Work


Dr. Sarah Roseberry, Chiropractor, Central Park Wellness

Leah Morrison, Craniosacral Doula

Yiska Obadia, Craniosacral, Massage & Acupuncture


Dr. Katia Ghazi-Dahan, Osteopath, Vival Wellness Center

Morris Prenatal Massage

Elizabeth Morel, PT, Mom & Baby Dyads

Pediatric PT, Physical Therapy of New Jersey


Dr. Barry Gillespie, Craniosacral Fascial Therapy, Happy Baby Initiative

Lactation & Breastfeeding Support


New York Lactation Consultation Association

Andrea Syms-Brown, IBCLC

Lea Rivera, IBCLC

LaShanda Dandrich, IBCLC

Dr. Gabbay, Breastfeeding Doctor

Get Boober, Referral Service


Jennifer Leopold, IBCLC & LMSW

Andrea Syms-Brown, IBCLC

Dora Tsiattalos, IBCLC

Kimberleigh Weiss Lewit, IBCLC

Kristin Cavuto, IBCLC

Carmen E. Baker, IBCLC

Dr. Schecter, Breastfeeding Doctor

CT, LI & Westchester:

Nikki Katsuki, IBCLC

Dr. Lauren Macaluso, Breastfeeding Doctor

Local Breastfeeding Support Groups (Currently virtual – tri-state area)

La Leche League

Breastfeeding Lime with Andrea Syms-Brown, IBCLC

Baby Cafe

Breastfeeding USA (Find a Counselor)

Pediatricians & Pediatric Dentists


Premier Pediatrics, Dr. Julie Capiola

Soha Pediatrics, UWS

Pediatric Associates of NYC

Dr. Linda Dahl, ENT

Dr. Scott Siegel, DDS


My Whole Child Pediatricians

The Whole Child Center

Notchview Pediatrics

Tenafly Pediatrics

Dr. Shluper, Pediatrician

Dr. Ruchi Mehta, Pediatrician


CT, LI & Westchester:


Dr. Scott Siegel, DDS

Valley Pediatric Dentistry

Infant Development Support

Babies Project Groups & Workshops (Virtual)

Bright Start Babies, Groups & Workshops (Virtual)

Sharon Oliensis, Neurodevelopment

Dan Rindler, Feldenkrais

New Parenting & Motherhood Support


Everyday Parenting

After Third

Gentle Sleep Coaching

Mommy Groove

Brooklyn PMAD Support Group

Park Slope Parents

NYC Dads

Virtual Support Groups, Partnership for Maternal Child Health, NJ




Postpartum Stress Center Referrals

Seleni Institute

The Motherhood Center

Dr. Naghshineh

Dr. Eszter Domjan, LMHC

Mommy Groove


Jennifer Leopold, IBCLC & LMSW

Sweta Kansagra, LCSW

Postpartum Stress Center Referrals

Elizabeth Stuts, LPC.

The Motherhood Center

Mindful Power

Kristin Cavuto

Any location:

Postpartum Stress Center Referrals

Spring Project

Perinatal Mental Health Alliance for People of Color

Open Path Psychotherapy Collective, Sliding Scale

The Root

Therapy for Black Girls