And then there were 2! Sibling Sense Class Page

And then there were 2! Sibling Sense Class Page

Class Description:

Although conflict marks the sibling relationship by and large in our culture, it’s actually difference that is the bedrock of the sibling relationship. Managing these differences well can lead to profound developmental progress for your older child & infant. While differences can often lead to conflicts and they are bound to occur, conflicts need not mark the sibling dynamics in your home. How you manage differences will set the stage for your children’s development & your family dynamic in the short & long term. In the class, we will begin to map out how you can plan to raise 2 starting from before you give birth to the immediate postpartum period & beyond.

Syllabus Snapshot & Resources:

Pre-Class Reading Suggestions:

Days 1 & 2 Key Objectives:
Setting foundations for a strong sibling relationship & second birth experience:
-Reflecting on sibling experiences
-Exploring strong sibling relationships
-Understanding the developmental significance of the sibling relationship over the lifespan
-Birth review: Birth Physiology, Safe Birthing Practices, Common Interventions, Positions & Movement, Comfort & Coping, Prep for Immediate Postpartum Transition

Days 1 & 2 Resources:


Days 3 & 4 Key Objectives:
Understanding & managing developmental differences between infants & toddlers:
-How to manage the needs of different children with distinct developmental needs before those differences lead to conflict
-Key sibling expressions to track & how to manage them
-Vision casting managing sibling dynamics after birth Part I
-Looking ahead to sibling conflict management

Days 3 & 4 Resources:


Day 5 Key Objectives:
Planning for key sibling preparation strategies before, during & immediately after the birth including sibling “ceremony”:
-Telling birth stories
-How to involve your older child in the birthing process, as desired
-Integrating early sibling dynamics & conflict

Day 5 Resources:

Additional Resources