What parents say?

From Stephan, Consultant

“Nina was a pleasure to work with, she was very informative, highly qualified, and patient. The course itself was very helpful and covered everything we were looking for. It also allowed my wife and I to bond even closer, and for me to clearly understand my role and learn ways to help and support my wife through the labor of our son. Highly recommend this course, especially to first time parents.
The most memorable part of class: Learning about the interaction between the partner and doula, learning about multiple staff at the hospital and their respective roles. Learning the fact there are other options available, ask for alternatives before jumping to drastic measures.
Most enjoyable part of class: Practicing coping techniques during labor, learning how to move in order to help baby move into an optimal position, recognizing the difference between eustress and distress & ways of coping/managing intensity and emotions associated with these sensations.”

From Katya, Marketing Professional

Thank you so much for the childbirth class – it was extremely helpful and we had an amazing birthing experience!
 Class Taken: Birth Sense

From Bhavti, Physical Therapist

Our toddler recently fell from the slide and we had to take him to the emergency room. The whole ordeal made us question our preparedness for emergency situations. I am from a medical background, my husband is not. Even then, we both learned a lot from the class. I recommend it to all parents. It includes much more than the CPR – the resources Nina provides are very helpful. This class will better prepare you for emergencies and ease the anxiety so you can act in a more helpful way! The instructors are wonderful with extensive experience and knowledge!

Class Taken: Safety Sense